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Our offices are open and accepting new patients. Call now to book your appointment.

Are you suffering from foot or ankle pain?

When your feet feel good, you have energy, vitality, and a bounce in your step. You feel like you could go on forever. Foot and ankle pain, on the other hand, can make everything seem harder and more exhausting. The first thing you notice when you run out of steam for the day is that your feet burn, your arches ache, and your heels feel like you’ve been walking around with a stone in your shoes.

If this sounds familiar, you aren’t alone. So many people suffer from foot pain but don’t know where to look for foot and ankle care. You deserve compassionate and competent care from the best medical team in your area.

The Foot & Ankle Center has seen thousands of patients seeking pain relief in Nevada and Utah. Whether you’re always on the go, stand for long hours on hard flooring, wear uncomfortable shoes for long periods, suffer from diabetic nerve damage, or have an injury, our foot and ankle specialist in Mesquite, Nevada, and St. George, Utah can help you find relief.

foot and ankle specialists
Foot and ankle specialist

Will I Have to Get Surgery?

If you’re looking for the best foot and ankle surgeon in your area, look no further than Dr. Cameron. However, Dr. Cameron will only perform surgery if it is the best option for you. The foot bears so much weight that foot surgery is no small ordeal. Recovery could take months. If there is an underlying problem not corrected by the surgery, the foot problem will return in time, and you will have gone through foot surgery for nothing. In addition, there may be less-invasive treatments that can take care of your foot problem without sending you under the knife.

With his extensive experience, Dr. Cameron can assess your foot problems when you come in for your initial visit at our foot and ankle clinic. He can then direct you toward the best treatment plan, be it therapies, orthotics, surgery, etc.

Our Specialist

Landon Cameron, DPM, FACFAS, is a highly trained foot and ankle specialist. DPM stands for Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, also referred to as a podiatrist or a podiatric surgeon. Earning a DPM requires completing four years of podiatric medical school and then participating in a highly specialized residency. A DPM degree allows you to diagnose, treat, and perform surgery for foot and ankle problems.

Beyond the DPM, a podiatrist can gain fellowship with the ACFAS (American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons) to earn the prestigious FACFAS credential. Dr. Cameron qualified for this fellowship by completing a four-year U.S. podiatric medical school program followed by a surgical residency program and becoming certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery. The FACFAS credential is the gold standard for foot and ankle surgery.

While being an eminently qualified foot and ankle surgeon, Dr. Cameron believes in evaluating all possible less-invasive options for treatment before surgery, including orthotic shoes, physical therapy, braces, etc. He will mobilize all resources to correct your injury or condition for permanent improvements to the foot’s alignment and functionality. He and our talented team will be with you from your first consultation through the surgery and aftercare (if needed) for the best possible results. We’ll get you feeling better and back on your feet as soon as possible.

Don’t suffer unnecessary pain, not when we can help. Take your life back. Call our office to schedule an appointment with our foot and ankle specialist today. We’ll help you discover a healthier, more energetic, more comfortable tomorrow.

Dr. Cameron Treatment
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Our Services Include the Following

Cameron Foot and Ankle Pain

Diabetic Foot

Diabetes is one of the most common chronic adult illnesses. When your blood sugar is out of control, you have a higher risk of foot complications.

Cameron Foot and Ankle Heel Pain

Heel Pain Treatment

When you see a doctor for your heel pain, they should consider your situation, underlying conditions, and current pain level to create a customized treatment plan.

Cameron Foot and Ankle Bunions

Treatment for Bunions

Bunions are a widespread foot condition affecting comfort, mobility, and independence.

Cameron Foot and Ankle Wart removal

Gout Treatment

Gout can appear like other inflammatory diseases, so your medical doctor will diagnose it by taking a medical history, performing a physical exam, and running some diagnostic tests.

Cameron Foot and Ankle Flat feet

Treatment for Flat Feet

Dr. Cameron can handle any conditions causing foot and ankle pain, such as Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, and flat feet.

Cameron Foot and Ankle Plantar Fasciitis

Foot Ulcer Treatment

Foot ulcers are simply open sores that are slow to heal or keep recurring. They result from skin breakdown and are prone to infections.

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