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Our MissionPatient Portal

Access Foot and Ankle Center’s Patient Portal

Foot & Ankle Center patients all receive access to our patient portal. Once patients sign up, our patient portal allows for the management of their healthcare information from anywhere they have an internet connection. 

There are several benefits to signing up for Foot and Ankle Center’s Patient Portal. Benefits include:

  • Reviewing and updating medical records
  • Accessing lab results, appointment notes and educational handouts
  • Easy communication with our practice
  • Paying copays and balances
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appatient patient portal app for foot and ankle center
Our MissionAPPatient™ Mobile App

Download Foot and Ankle Center’s Patient Portal Mobile App

By downloading the APPatient™ mobile app for Android and iOS, Foot and Ankle Center patients can enjoy the same benefits of our online patient portal on their mobile devices.

There are several benefits of using Foot and Ankle Center’s APPatient™ App. Benefits include:

  • Seeing part and upcoming appointments
  • Easy communication with our practice and staff
  • Accessing medical records